4th August

Let’s take a walk around the world and see what is happening…

At the funeral of Congressman John Lewis three former Presidents spoke about his commitment to truth, integrity and equity – Clinton, Bush and Obama. Because these were the key themes, Trump did not show up. He was busy lying in the White House about Florida and claiming that World War 1 ended in 1917 – all part of him showing what a stable genius looks like. Also, he was trying to break the world record for the number of days a President of the US played golf rather than doing things like reading, making decisions, talking with sane people. He was also planning a real first: banning the media from covering the GOP convention. The media is both disappointed not to be able to cover a rally of the deplorables but also pleased that it doesn’t have to.

Herman Cain (74), who ran for President 2012 and had run the Godfather’s Pizza chain, died of C-19 following his attendance at a Trump rally in Tulsa some weeks ago – he didn’t social distance, didn’t wear a mask, shook hands with people and was generally behaving (alongside many others) like someone who didn’t think this viscous killer virus would infect them. It did. Now he is no longer with us.

Emirates Airlines (wonderful airline) is offering free funerals for any passengers who die as a result of C-19 “caught” on one of their flights to a limit of US$1,756, which wouldn’t get you much of a burial (a wicker burial basket costs $800 and then there’s the choir, priest, jazz band, photographers, dancers..). They will also pay up to US$175,000 in medical costs – in the US that is about 4 days on a ventilator. This kind of loyalty program makes sure you’re looked after in this world and the next.

Dubai has trained dogs to “sniff out” arriving passengers who are carrying COVID-19. The dogs at the airport are one part of UAE’s strategy to reduce the threat of C-19. All passengers traveling to UAE must have had a C-19 test before traveling and the test must be negative. The dogs are a second level of protection – they have a 92% accuracy rate (91% more than Trump).

Former King Juan Carlos of Spain has been forced into living in exile following the disclosure of various financial shenanigans, including US$100 million bank account in Switzerland. He is currently in the Dominican Republic. His restoration as King following the death of Franco enabled Spain to “move on” from a repressive regime. He was quite the lad – mistresses, children with mistresses, bribery and a love of art and the finer things of life. His disgrace threatens the future of the monarchy. Speaking of which, Queen Elizabeth sent birthday greetings to Meghan on her 39th birthday, as did Kate and William. The Queen and Prince Phillip are leaving Windsor for  Balmoral – preferring to chat with Nicola Sturgeon more often than with Boris full of de Pfeffel Johnson.

One of the sons of Rupert Murdoch (88) has quit the NewsCorp empire leadership team. James Murdoch (47) quit over “editorial” differences with various news outlets, notably Fox News. His brother Lachlan, whose views are closer to his father and Mussolini, continues to steer this right-wing ship alongside his father and other members of the non-woke. Rupert married Jerry Hall on 2016 following a bitter divorce from his third wife, Wendy Deng who he thought was having an affair with Tony Blair. Rupert “the Bear” remains the driving force in the companies he owns. He is supporting Trump over Biden in the US election.

A former Minister in the British conservative party has been arrested over allegations of rape and sexual assault in the House of Commons and elsewhere between the summer of 2019 and January of this year. No names yet, but the speculative list is long. The victim is a former researcher in the British parliament. Despite this matter being reported to the Chief Whip and to the Leader of the House, no action was taken at the time. The gentleman involved was briefly held in custody. The follows the successful prosecution of Charlie Elphicke, former MP for Dover, for similar offences – the first MP to be convicted of a crime since 1962. He was replaced as MP by his wife, Natalie.

There are thirty-six new members of the House of Lords in Britain taking it to over 825 members. They include: Claire Fox, founder of the Institute of Ideas (she will not be that welcome – ideas are the last thing parliament seems to be interested in); Charles Moore journalist and Thatcher biographer; Sir Ian Botham jock, Brexiteer and cricket player; Frank Field social innovator and activist; Jo Johnson, de Pfeffel’s brother and a former Minister; and the very smart and funny Ruth Davidson, former leader of the Scottish Conservative Party and LGTBQ2+ champion. These appointments confirm Britain’s place as the second largest parliament in the world, after the National People’s Congress of China and the title (currently at least) of among the most useless. Even the Lord Speaker, Lord Fowler, thinks that the UK parliament needs serious reform.

Britain is looking to prevent a second wave of C-19 and is talking of requiring some over 50 who are “deemed” to be at risk to self-isolate for a considerable period. This is likely to impact 2.2 million people. People over 75 may be legally required to be under “house arrest”. I am telling people that, while I may look 70, I am in fact 29 – I am just following the Keith Richards diet.

Mask wearing is now mandatory in various cities and towns in Alberta but not everywhere (e.g. schools). Our beloved Fuhrer, sorry Premier (it is easy to get confused), refuses to mandate masks wearing Province wide on the basis that he can’t  find one that will cover his massive claptrap, especially when he so busy practicing his work as a Wexit Whisperer. On the first day, compliance seemed high, except for the odd person who either wore their mask inappropriately or did not wear one at all. One woman was seen wearing a mask with a hole cut in the middle to expose her mouth, suggesting that our science education curriculum needs some review and revision.

Alberta’s back to school prayers, sorry plan (it is easy to get confused) seem to be falling apart as it becomes clear: (a)  that children can carry the virus and pass it to others, including adults; (b) the discovery that children find mask wearing, social distancing and frequent hand washing and sanitizing more difficult than their parents who also find it difficult; and (c) that infected children and teachers cause lock-downs and school closures. Attempts to fully re-open schools are a primary reason Melbourne and the State of Israel are back to square one. When the first student dies and the first teacher dies in Alberta of C-19, someone should offer free legal services to prosecute the government for negligence. Parents are likely to boycott the plan and teachers, reluctant to strike (this is precisely what the Reichsführer, sorry Premier (it is easy to get confused) wants to happen so he can further privatize and de-unionize education), will likely manage for a week or so until the whole kit and kaboodle collapses. Using children as lab rats and teachers as pawns is not smart. The so-called plan is bullshit. Worse, Adriane le Grange who claims to be the Minister of Education knows it.

7th August

Let’s take a walk around the world and see what is happening…

In an audition for a new comedy TV series to begin next year, Donald J Trump was interviewed by Jonathan Swan on Axios. Comedy gold ensued, with many lines the writers of VEEP and West Wing would have loved to have written. For example, on the virus and people dying “it is what it is and we’re doing everything we can. It’s under control, as much as you can control it”.  He also wishes Ghislaine Maxwell well as she sits in prison charged with sex trafficking.  He suggested the Joe Biden was so extreme that he is “against the bible, God and guns”. He explained that he didn’t attend Congressman John Lewis’s funeral because John Lewis didn’t attend his inauguration – no grudge too small for this stable genius with a brain the size of a turnip. Trump’s team was confident he would get the part of the idiot President in the upcoming series to be called “The Greatest President Ever!”.  Melania is auditioning for the part of his ex.

The Rolling Stones (average age 110) are suing the Trump Campaign to stop them using their music in his re-election campaign advertising and at rallies. Trump has accused them of being un-American.  Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were born in Dartford, Charlie Watts is Islington, Ronnie Wood in London and Bill Wyman is from Lewisham. All totally un-American.

In a bold move, the NY DA has moved to shut down the US National Rifle Association over issues of fraud, deception and significant breeches of trust – she is demanding that its leaders repay the  $68 million funds they have used for their own personal benefit over the last three years. She is also seeking to ban the leaders of this organization from ever serving on a non-profit board in the State of New York ever again. In response, hundreds of American’s have sent the NRA thoughts and prayers. The DA is also pursuing the Trump organization for bank fraud.

In Beirut, which used to be a paradise city, a building housing 2,750 tons of dangerous ammonium nitrate blew up. Negligence, corruption and ineptitude led to the deaths of at least 137 people, the maiming of 5,000 and the destruction of a significant part of this old and wonderful city, leaving 300,000 homeless and 800 missing. The chemical had been sitting in a warehouse since 2014 following its seizure from an abandoned Russian ship. This was not a terrorist attack, but an attack on Lebanese citizens due to the corruption endemic in Lebanon. One headline in a local paper said “we are done with being resilient, now we want real change!”.

Joe Biden is yet to announce his Vice Presidential pick. He has suddenly realized that he is both unlikely to serve two full terms and that his pick will likely be the real next President of the United States. Oprah is back in the running, along with Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres. Meanwhile, Biden has announced he will not go to Milwaukee to accept the DNC nomination – he has been to Milwaukee before. He said (quoting W C Fields tombstone) “on the whole, I’d rather be in Philadelphia”.

Bob and Doug are back on earth. The two astronauts safely landed back in the water on August 2nd and are now walking around and eating pizza, having being in space since 30th May. They are the first commercial astronauts to be hired by NASA – they work for Elon Musk’s SpaceX. More crews are being prepared for more flights. Musk is a Canadian and South African citizen and also runs Tesla and Neuralink. This latter company is developing a bio-chip which will be implanted in the brain to enable thought-based computing enabled by AI. Apparently, Trump is his first test case. Not going well.

In Alberta, our claptrapocracy kakistocracy government is also auditioning for a new film: Crazy Old Men. It dug up a former school superintendent – Angus McBeath – who last taught just after Boudicca ruled Britain well before the Romans arrived. He outlined the “new” (sic) thinking about the school curriculum. Given that the government wants to develop the skills “of honest car salesman” and sees literacy and numeracy as core to learning (duh), we saw a glimpse of the nothingness that counts for policy and ideas for this government. Our ageing superintendent shambled off, but is unlikely to get the part in the film – the hunt is on for a new stooge.  Our Minister, Adriana LaGrange, said that she wanted ideology out of the curriculum – things like critical thinking, being able to look at both sides of an argument – she doesn’t want any of that nonsense. Nor does she want children to learn by exploring, doing, creating. We know where that leads to – a world class education system – the last thing she wants.  She wants more testing, more learning by rote so that we can deny children the opportunity to learn and instead just get them to remember things. She was auditioning for a different film: The Lonely Lady.