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Author, imagineer and creative consultant, Stephen was Dean of the School of Business at Athabasca University and creator of the world's first online MBA. A prolific writer, frequent broadcaster and keynote speaker, Stephen lives and works from a base in Edmonton, Alberta.

Putting Students Before the Test: Mental Health, PISA and the Testing Madness

The evidence is clear. The pandemic had a significant and substantive impact on the well-being of students of school age in Canada and around the world. A meta-analysis of the impact of social isolation shows that it leads to increased... Continue Reading →

Back and It’s 2022

Music and Me For the last few years I have made a point of exploring lesser-known classical music. As someone who listens to a lot of music every single day – I am a writer and music is simply part... Continue Reading →

May 2021

May 7th Let’s take a walk around the world and see what is happening… Fishermen from France are at odds with Jersey and have been blockading the port of  St Hellier’s  – a British protectorate. They are upset with license... Continue Reading →

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April 2021

Still on restrained movement, still experiencing COVID in the community, still struggling to make sense...

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MARCH 2021

Vaccines, herd immunity, building back better - are we any nearer to normal?

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February 2021

Well Trump is out but not down and change is everywhere.

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January 2021

A new year, new hope, new challenges. Everyone says 2020 was a really strange year...let's hope 2021 is an improvement...

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December 2020

What a year! As it comes to a close, we capture key experiences and events...

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November 2020

Well its the strange season in the US - a time of hope, fear and worry...

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